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Native Heritage Fund

Embracing Legacy, Shaping Tomorrow


At BEYOND CHANGE MANAGEMENT, we bridge tradition and tomorrow, driving a future where finance meets sustainability. Launching with 50 million GBP, our closed Native Heritage Fund invests in indigenous wisdom to shape a sustainable world. This isn’t just funding—it's a commitment to the planet and its cultures, aiming for a prosperity that uplifts holistic and resilient economies, ecosystems, and communities. Inspired by indigenous insights, we're pioneering a future honing sustainable growth and mutual respect


Foster a groundbreaking partnership between German technology and science sectors and Canadian Indigenous communities. This collaboration combines advanced German innovations with the rich wisdom of Indigenous traditions, aiming for sustainable development rooted in cultural respect. It promotes mutual learning, enriching both technological advancements and indigenous practices. This model not only paves the way for inclusive progress but also redefines environmental stewardship, symbolizing a new era of global partnership and shared prosperity.

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Our Headquarters:

Cormhill 1, London
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